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Bobbi Newman ‏@librarianbyday
What are the 5 most important issues/challenges that libraries are expected to encounter in the coming decade? 11:09 pm – 9 jun 2012

Jan Holmquist@janholmquist 5 most important challenges for public #libraries: 1) To make public aware that libraries still have a lot to offer
Honorio Penadés@ehonorio @librarianbyday 1 lack of money 2 need to get to more people due to digital divide 3 world coordination in preservation 4 and 5 we’ll see
Katy Vance@katyvance @librarianbyday Meeting the needs of increasingly diverse communities, defending intellectual freedom and bridging the digital divide. 2/2
Daniel Nguyen@daniel_t_nguyen @librarianbyday 1-4 Funding. 5. Skinny Jeans – they’re everyone’s problem.
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